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Although I said that I would use the same models on the cover for the contents page I used a different model. I like the overall look of the page and managed to keep the colour theme by using the purple and orange for the text and teal for contrasting lines used as dividers to separate the page a little bit.  For the picture I only slightly adjusted it on photoshop as the models skin is clear so I didn’t need to cover any blemishes, the only adjustment I made was slightly whitening the teeth as it is the only thing I felt needed slight improvement as the teeth were not extremely yellow but it is rare to see someone with slightly yellow teeth in a magazine so I felt it would be best to whiten them. Once I had imported the picture into indesign I realised it was hard to read so added the translucent box so that the text stood out more but the picture was also visible.


After realising that on some of the texts I had forgotten to put a drop shaddow I then decided to also change one or two of the stories to make them more appealing to the target audience. After I finished this I started to work on the layout of my contents cover using the the same style as my front cover and similar texts. Instead of using Belfast Heavy SF I used Belfast Light SF and Belfast SF so that the fonts were still similar but very slightly different and easier to read as Belfast Heavy SF would have been to chunky for the contents page so I used Belfast Light SF for the story title and Belfast SF for the sub texts. I also only used the two different colours of orange and purple as having the teal colour aswell would have been too much and would make the contents page look odd. I started out with using lorem ipsum to put text into the contents so that I could work out how I would lay it out.

This is my final design for magazine cover, I am happy overall as I like the picture and the colours scheme. In my next magazine cover that I do I will have only one model so that I can have a close-up of the face and have the stories in a contrasting colour with the hair. Also I feel that if I use one model instead of two I could make it more stylish rather than rudimentary as I feel that this one lacks in style. In the contents page for this magazine I will use one of the models on the cover photo and possibly introduce the idea of the bins more by photoshoping the model looking out through the bin.

Having decided on my story titles I added them in and changed the layout of the text on the right but kept the text on the left in the same layout for optimal viewing as they are the most important stories that I think would sell the magazine. The other stories are not as important so are collected together on the other side but not obscuring the faces in the image. I also changed the leading of the text so that each line was easier to read and was more aesthetically pleasing.

Using Lorem Ipsum I have added text boxes so that I can work out what colours work well and what fonts are complementary for the articles until I decide what titles I will use. One major thing that I did change was the colour of the Masthead as I felt that it was not easy enough to see from a distance and blended into the background.  I also added the blue colour to the article titles to break up the amount of orange and to contrast, also to make the text stand out a gave it a drop shadow so that they are easier to read and stand out from the picture. I still need to add one of two smaller pictures that are relevant to the articles inside the magazine and decide on the names for some of the titles.

This is my first attempt at using Indesign, I am rather happy with this first attempt but plan to add more text onto the sides for the three columns with the cover story being on the left. On indesign I used the font Monotype Corsiva but made the C of Chosen a larger font to make it look more interesting and unique, I also chose to use the orange colour as it is complimentary but stand out from the background green colours, also being the Autumn Edition and orange being a traditional autumn colour it seemed suitable. For my second school magazine I plan on it being the winter edition, (possibly with snow being involved), and using the typical Christmas and winter colours. I also changed the spacing between the letters to make them overlap slightly making them more interesting yet still readable. With my target audience being Sixthformers I thought that by having a font that is both grown up yet playful would be more appealing. I also added a barcode in the bottom right as this is normally where the barcode is situated and the price can be found. To finish off this magazine cover I need to add in the unique selling point, price and make sure that my information is strategically placed for optimal viewing.