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For my story I wanted it to be an interview and have a light hearted feel to it. I found an interview in Classic Rock Magazine issue 163 by “DL” (as seen below). I changed the names of people and some of the questions so that it would fit more with my magazine. Here is my version of it:

British rock’s most bonkers newcomer goes on tour with veteran hard rockers Don.

With a career just starting out IGNIS is British rock’s most charismatic, eccentric and plain odd group of performers. In an email setting up this interview to discuss their tour with the hard rocking group Don. Eve Kell, the band front woman proposed we converse in Korean “to avoid MI6 coverage”. We thought you’d prefer it in English.

Did you enjoy playing on the Ace Café Stage at High Voltage?

Yes, we loved every minute. There was a big audience to see us and I got to have a good wander. I really liked the festival’s relaxed vibe, it’s good to let your hair down. Someone bought me a free drink, damn cheapskate got me tap water! Some people!

Your upcoming shows are being billed as The Fires of Hell, so will this set be based on your début album Ignes inferni?

We do quite a few songs from our debut album, we might play some of our new stuff from Perfectly Insane and maybe a few sneak preview of our new [self titled] album . Though one thing I can definitely promise are enough theatrics and crazy pyrotechnics to keep everybody happy.

What can we expect from your new album?

Well it’s our third studio album so we tried to be more serios about our music this time, it didn’t work. All I can say is that there’s inasne guitar, crazy keyboards and the drums will kick your ass! Also as a tribute to my dad we’ve done a cover of Tom Lehrers “I Hold Your Hand In Mine” as he serenaded my mum with this song when they first got engaged.

Would you ever drop Pyrotechnics from your shows?

No. Never. Throwing and spinning fire around the stage is part of our shows and is what we do for fun. It keeps you on your toes!

What can we expect from your tour with Don?

More fire, even more fire than before, Max [Dons’ guitarist] is just like us, a huge raving pyromaniac. We both wanted to have more fire in our shows, and we’ve got it. I won’t tell you anymore, you’ll just have to come see it for yourself! It’s going to be epic and it’s going to be hot.

Tickets for IGNIS and Dons’ tour are on sale which you can buy on our website at


For my music magazine I want to create a magazine that has a target audience of people aged 18-25 years old. I also want my target audience to be largely male dominant but also attract females. The genre that I will be looking at is Rock with a bit of metal as I enjoy listening to it. After looking through my Ipod to come up with some ideas as to who I could look at for inspiration I noticed I was listening to Rammstein, I then did a Google seach on Rammstein and their stage shows, this came up with lots of pyrotechnics. I then decided that I would use fire as a theme for my magazine as I have access to fire fans and firepoi (circus skills equipment) and could take some slow shutter pictures with them.

Here is a youtube videos that have some fire and glow poi spinning and slow shutter pictures: