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Photo shoot

Here are the pictures from my photo shoot. I used myself as a model for ease as it was more practical. Because I first started taking picture inside the lighting is really bad so I had to use flash but this made my skin look very white which wasn’t the look I was going for. I then took some outside, unfortunately it was dark so I had to use flash, but this time I liked the way they turned out. In the pictures I’m wearing an AC/DC shirt with the sleeves rolled up, I also made my make-up very dark to make the white of my eyes even whiter. As an extra I wore my panda hat, this is because I decided that I wanted the story to be about how they were being “more serious” about their music.
The pictures can be seen on my photobucket account;


Slow Shutter Pictures

For my magazine I wanted to include pictures of fire. Using my new Camera I managed to take some pictures of normal fire as well as using the adjustable shutter speed to take to pictures of me using my fire fans. To start with I tried using the longest shutter speed that I could, which on my camera is 8 seconds. Most of these pictures came out quite blurry and you couldn’t see the trail of fire. I then adjusted the shutter speed to 3.2 seconds, this had a better result but the pictures that I think worked the best were the ones where the fire was not as bright so is easier to see the trail. The rest of the pictures can be seen on my photobucket account: