Category: Mastheads


After looking at my masthead I realised that it was too pixelated and the colour didn’t work with the picture. Also the tagline “Feed the Flames” looked out of place and unprofessional. I then made a new Masthead that included the tagline within the branding Iron shape. I also used the eyedropper tool on photoshop to pick out the red colour of the lips to use as the Masthead colour so that all of the colours worked together.


In my moodboards I have looked at fire and the patterns created using fire, also I know of some bands such as Rammstien who use fire in their shows. For the name of my Magazine I have decided on “Inferno” as I wanted it to be fire related and having looked in a thesuarus for fire, inferno was the one that caught my eye and I thought would sound the best as a name as it is strong and not too much of a mouthful. For my mast head I was going to have text on fire but then because I wanted to use fire on the cover picture I felt it wouldn’t stand out enough making it less visable to the target audience. So instead I used the idea of a branding iron as it would still work with the idea of fire and seems quite masculine. Because I am using bands such as Rammstien for inspiration I have decided that my magazine will have a masculine target audience aged from 18 to about 25. Here is my first idea for some possible mast heads designed by me on photoshop using this tutorial