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After looking at the comment made on my previous post about the lining up of texts I changed the text allignment to “Justify all lines”, this can be seen in one of the image below. However doing this made some of the text too spread out so I looked through a couple magazines, namely Kerrang! and MOJO, and saw that actually having a rough edge on the right wasn’t too much of a problem and was quite common.

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I am happy with my magazine and feel that I have managed to make it look reasonably professional. I have gone through and checked spellings and made sure that none of it is hyphenated and I have checked the spacing so that nothing is too close or too far and that everything lines up and that nothing is unintentionally “on the wonk”.

After proof reading my story I decided to change part of the introduction paragraph from “In the email setting up this interview to discuss their tour with the hard rocking group Don” to “In the email setting up this interview to discuss life on tour with the hard rocking group Don and some of their crazy stage performances.” I changed this because after re-reading the story I realised that I didn’t actually put that much about the tour in.

After looking at the actual text on the spread it looks as if there is not a lot going on, to change this I added more text and changed the number of columns to 4 as this made the overall spread look more professional. Also the NME double page spread that I have looked at has 4 columns.

I have slightly altered the double page spread by adding the page number. After looking at other magazines such as MOJO and Classic Rock, which are my main influences, I decided to put the page number on just one side of the double page spread. I originally put the page number on the left page but I felt that this looked a bit funny so I put it on the right page instead. The page number is in red so that it stands out from the page and is different from the rest of the double page spread to make it easier to spot. Although it is also in a different font (Constantia) to the rest of the page it is the same font as I have previously used on the contents page for the numbers. Also by having it in this colour and font it stands out from the rest of the spread but does not ruin its overall aesthetics and is nearly unnoticeable when looking at the rest of the spread.

I have now added in the story that I wrote about an interview with “Eve Kell”, my made up artist. I have put the questions in blue and the “answers” in white all in the font Candara size 17.

For the cover I changed the colour of the dot after looking at several covers of Classic Rock and noticed that the circular sticker will often not be part of the colour scheme so that it stands out better. I also changed the font, position and colour of the text so that it stood out more as it is part of the unique selling point. I have also added in more text and names of bands, to decide on the names I went onto a website that generated random words and flicked through until I found some that I liked. For my pretend band I wanted the name to be fire related so I went onto Google translate and tried the word for fire in different languages, I ended up using the Latin “Ignis” for the band name. I then went onto and looked through different fonts for each band name.  All of the names that I have chosen are meant to be quiet masculine as I wanted my magazine to be aimed at males, some of the names I came up with were “Don”, “Lisp”, “Corrupted” and “Barred” . I also quite liked the name “Trailing Gossip” but I thought that it sounded like more of a female band and that it wasn’t Rock’n’Roll but more “Pop”.  The fonts that I chose for the band names are quite square, for the band “Don” I wanted it to have the same feel as Rammsteins’ text so I wanted it to be solid and Germanic, although it is technically Russian it is still very bold and reasonably Germanic.

The contents page now has text on it with titles to help readers pick out the key parts of the magazine. Apart from this I have not made many changes to the contents page or the double page spread.  Although on the double page spread I made the writing white to make it easier to read.

For my story I wanted it to be an interview and have a light hearted feel to it. I found an interview in Classic Rock Magazine issue 163 by “DL” (as seen below). I changed the names of people and some of the questions so that it would fit more with my magazine. Here is my version of it:

British rock’s most bonkers newcomer goes on tour with veteran hard rockers Don.

With a career just starting out IGNIS is British rock’s most charismatic, eccentric and plain odd group of performers. In an email setting up this interview to discuss their tour with the hard rocking group Don. Eve Kell, the band front woman proposed we converse in Korean “to avoid MI6 coverage”. We thought you’d prefer it in English.

Did you enjoy playing on the Ace Café Stage at High Voltage?

Yes, we loved every minute. There was a big audience to see us and I got to have a good wander. I really liked the festival’s relaxed vibe, it’s good to let your hair down. Someone bought me a free drink, damn cheapskate got me tap water! Some people!

Your upcoming shows are being billed as The Fires of Hell, so will this set be based on your début album Ignes inferni?

We do quite a few songs from our debut album, we might play some of our new stuff from Perfectly Insane and maybe a few sneak preview of our new [self titled] album . Though one thing I can definitely promise are enough theatrics and crazy pyrotechnics to keep everybody happy.

What can we expect from your new album?

Well it’s our third studio album so we tried to be more serios about our music this time, it didn’t work. All I can say is that there’s inasne guitar, crazy keyboards and the drums will kick your ass! Also as a tribute to my dad we’ve done a cover of Tom Lehrers “I Hold Your Hand In Mine” as he serenaded my mum with this song when they first got engaged.

Would you ever drop Pyrotechnics from your shows?

No. Never. Throwing and spinning fire around the stage is part of our shows and is what we do for fun. It keeps you on your toes!

What can we expect from your tour with Don?

More fire, even more fire than before, Max [Dons’ guitarist] is just like us, a huge raving pyromaniac. We both wanted to have more fire in our shows, and we’ve got it. I won’t tell you anymore, you’ll just have to come see it for yourself! It’s going to be epic and it’s going to be hot.

Tickets for IGNIS and Dons’ tour are on sale which you can buy on our website at

I have now started to add text to the cover page as well as a bar code which I made on The text on the cover is Candara (mainly in size 37 and stretched to 125% ), I used the blue font to contrast with the hair, also the blue works well with the eye. I have decide to stick to the colours red, blue, white and black for general text on the magazine as they and bold and stand out. I also added a coloured circle with some text in it with a drop shadow to make it stand out, the text will have a special offer or the U.S.P. on it as having looked at other magazines I have noticed that they often will have a circle containing a special offer or something that they designer has wanted to draw the attention of the target audience to.

For the contents page I changed the background to black and using a similar technique that I used for my Photoshop fire experiments to manipulate the fire to the shape going behind the arm so that it looks as if I am dancing around the flames. Also by including the flames I am bringing the theme of “Inferno” back into the magazine, something which was previously lost.

The main change that I have made is the double page spread. Using a different picture from my photo shoot I cut it out and stuck it onto a dark background. I also adjusted the colour of the eye and removed the shadow from the nose as the shadow made it look unprofessional and made it obvious that I used flash and that the lighting had something to be desired. After that I added in the flame design so that the theme of flames was continued throughout the magazine. I also changed the basic layout of the double page spread, this is because the hand in the picture on one side was cut out and I couldn’t flip the picture back to front as the AC/DC on the shirt would be backwards so would look silly and make it obvious. I also changed the colour and size of the text, the text is now blue with a drop shadow on it to make it stand out more instead of looking flat and in the same Candara font as the cover.