Category: Contents Page


I am happy with my magazine and feel that I have managed to make it look reasonably professional. I have gone through and checked spellings and made sure that none of it is hyphenated and I have checked the spacing so that nothing is too close or too far and that everything lines up and that nothing is unintentionally “on the wonk”.

I noticed that some of the text is hyphenated, which is shouldn’t be. I also noticed that I had a different Issue number on my cover page to the issue number on my contents page. Also on the front cover I changed Max Milly James to just Max James but I didn’t for the contents page. I have now corrected these mistakes.

A slight change that I made to the contents page was the size of some of the sub text, not a major change but a notable one.

After looking at the picture of Alice in the top right corner I noticed that it was pixilated, to sort this out I went onto Photoshop and rotated the picture on Photoshop and then placed it into Indesign.

I have now added in the picture as seen on the version on the left. I then added the title story of Alice to the contents page and did some re-arranging of the text adjusting size and spacing to get the text evenly spaced out. Also in the version on the right I have added the page number next to the picture and the work Alice to make it obvious which story it is from so that people can instantly go to that story’s page.

More text has now been added that relates to the front cover, I now need to add the picture and story of Alice Down the Rabbit Hole and I believe that my contents page is nearly complete.

This edit has quite a few changes to it. I have now added in more text and added a translucent box behind the text to make it easier to read. I have also added a tilted white box in the top right corner, this is for my fourth picture. I got this idea after looking at both Classic Rock magazine and MOJO magazine, although normally they have them on the cover page, however I felt that it would ruin the aesthetics of the cover page so I put it onto the contents page. Also I felt that the contents page was lacking something and by adding another picture I think it will improve the overall effect.

The main change I made is that I have made the poster less opaque with the word “Advert” underneath so that it is obvious that I am not claiming the poster as my own work but it is merely an add on to help with the overall feel of the magazine. I have also started to change some of the text.

I have added in a quote from the cover page story, I’ve done as a way of making the target audience want to read more on the cover story. I added oversized quotation marks to make it obvious that it is a quote from the story.