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The clip seams to have doubled in size, the actual answer ends at 2:13 not 4:39

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This is the link to my answer for question 7 using “Prezi”. This is the first time I have used Prezi and I feel it has gone well considering it is my first attempt.

After looking at the comment made on my previous post about the lining up of texts I changed the text allignment to “Justify all lines”, this can be seen in one of the image below. However doing this made some of the text too spread out so I looked through a couple magazines, namely Kerrang! and MOJO, and saw that actually having a rough edge on the right wasn’t too much of a problem and was quite common.

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I am happy with my magazine and feel that I have managed to make it look reasonably professional. I have gone through and checked spellings and made sure that none of it is hyphenated and I have checked the spacing so that nothing is too close or too far and that everything lines up and that nothing is unintentionally “on the wonk”.