Now that I’ve started to get more into the process of making my trailer I have realised I need to start deciding on the name. Due to my research into little red riding hood I figured it would make sense to have something along those lines with red possibly being mentioned.

The key features of my trailer are the red of the coat and boots, the setting in the woods and the weapon being an axe. Those are the three features that are crucial so I have looked up some synonyms as alternatives to the words red, woods and axe.

Synonyms for “red” include: blood, cardinal, claret, scarlet, maroon, wine. Scarlet being a particular favourite as it is the colour of the coat and shoes worn. Other things that mention red could be Robin and Ruby which were possible names for the main character.
Alternatives for “wood”: forest, grove, woodland, thicket.
Although I looked in the thesaurus for possibilities for “axe” it came up with lots of words similar to destroy which wasn’t particularly what I was going for.

Most film names for thrillers and horrors tend to be singular words or a few short words, for example the few that I’ve looked at include “The Strangers”, “Eden Lake”, “Black Swan” and the longer “The Woman in Black”. These are mostly made up of nouns, occasionally with a verb so I am looking to mimic this by using nouns and possibly a verb.