After looking more into target audiences I have realised that I need to be more specific in looking at my own target audience. After a few internet searches I discovered a list of things to look at, I have taken this list and filled it in with what I believe my target audience to be.

• Age: 15-20
• Location: Living in towns or cities.
• Gender: Both, predominantly male but not exclusively.
• Income level: Low, most will be students or have low paid part time jobs.
• Education level: Moderate at the very least.
• Marital or family status: Unknown
• Occupation: Student
• Ethnic background: N/A

• Personality
• Attitudes
• Values
• Interests/hobbies: Watching films, using social networking sites, “window shopping” online etc: general use of technology.
• Lifestyle
• Behaviour

For the above section I have found a definition of the “Tribe” in which these people would belong to using this website: I have determined that people from “Leading Edge Tribes” are the type of people that would see my film. This includes “sub-tribes” such as hipsters, geeks, indie scenesters and craft kids. I feel that this sums up the sort of person that might be interested in my film as these people tend to be forward thinking and have a high media consumption.

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