Little White Lies is an bi-monthley Arthouse film magazine that features illustrations, photographs and “cutting edge” writing to help get “under the skin” of the films that it features.

I think that this particular cover is so beautiful and eye catching by it’s simplicity. The eyes stare out at you and make you want to find out what the magazine actually has to say about it. This magazine cover does not stick to any typical magazine layout as it complete ignores the rule of three columns and the masthead isn’t at the top left, but in the top centre. This is probably because the target audience is such a niche group that flashy advertisements are not required as it already has a steady fan base. The sketched element of it also adds style and interest, it’s not just the usual pictures that you find for most magazines. By not having any other text on the cover apart from the mast head logo and the film title it draws no focus away from the image. The image is the focal point and nothing should distract from it/

For more information on Little White Lies go to http://www.littlewhitelies.co.uk