There are two main types of trailers, a teaser trailer and a theatrical trailer.

Teaser trailers are often shown months in advance of the theatrical trailer to get people interested. They are shorter, sharper and faster than the theatrical trailers and normally include a tagline that makes the audience want to know and see more. Teaser trailers are about a minute in length and sometimes only a few seconds; the average length is about a minute. Teaser trailers are normally shown on TV and occasionally at the cinema month in advance. By showing them on tv it reaches a wider audience and by having them as being around a minute it doesn’t allow the viewer to get bored. Another bonus of having them so short is that it makes the audience want to see more.

A theatrical release trailer are normally about 2 minutes in length; this allows for more content. These trailers bring the audience further into the story having attracted their attention. These are normally shown in cinemas about 2 months prior to release, although they can also bee shown on TV. The main reason the longer trailers are shown in the cinema is that the distributors have already caught you, you’re in the right mindset to look at longer trailers and watch things as that’s your reason for being there. If they are shown on TV then the audience can quite easily walk away during adverts if they get bored so teaser trailers tend to get shown on TV.