The main concept of the plot will be loosely based on little red riding hood.
Using Todorov’s theory on narratives I have come up with the 5 stages of a story to make my trailer to.

1) The original equilibrium.
The protagonist will be a young woman who enjoys going hillwalking and exploring the countryside who has gone for one of her walks. To introduce the protagonist I could have lots of shots of her preparing to go out and packing her kit into her bag to take with her and use some diegetic dialogue of her discussing with someone on the phone that she’s about to leave on another of her walks.

2)A disruption of the equilibrium by some action.
During her walk there is some form of movement in her peripheral vision. A few leaves will rustle and a few eyeline match panning shots will be used to show her looking and searching.

3) A recognition that there has been a disturbance.
Some shots of the antagonist; an axe wielding mask wearing man. Using similar style shots to those used in the Strangers trailer. By this point the protagonist has noticed the presence of the antagonist.

4) An attempt to repair the disruption. Because I’m only making the trailer there is no need to show how the problem will be resolved but if it was being made into a full film there would probably bee some chase scenes and trying to outsmart the protagonist, possibly getting assistance from an stranger.

5) A new equilibrium is established. The antagonist is defieted as in all films with a happy ending, however the protagonist will have probably suffer a loss.