Why little red riding hood?

Although little red riding hood is now known as a story with a happy ending; the protagonist is saved from the wolf by a passing woodsman, the original was not so innocent. In the original story by Charles Perrault little red riding hood is a rich girl who is given the wrong directions to her grandmothers house by the wolf. The story ends once she has been eaten by the wolf, she never gets to the house. The moral of the story was to not speak to or trust strangers. I think that this links well with my idea for the antagonist to be a stranger and having no other motive other than the fact that they can.

Parallels that I can use:

For my protagonist I will have them wearing red clothing of some sort, if possible a dress or coat. I will also use the idea of going into the woods and being lost and alone in the woods by filming the protagonist. For the antagonist I can use the idea of a wolf, possibly a mask of someone wearing a jacket with fur. The weapon used could be an Axe, this would be almost ironic as the “wolf” would be the one using the weapon.

Sources of information on Little Red Riding Hood: