Having looked at some trailers for thrillers I have decided that I would like to do something similar to “Strangers” and “Eden Lake”. I liked these trailers as the antagonists have no motive other than the fact that they can. I would use the concept but have the imagery of teddy bears picnic; as I could record someone humming or singing teddy bears picnic in a eerie way therefore using the idea of corrupted innocence which I have noticed often features in thrillers.

For this I was going to have a couple (the protagonists) go for a trip to a forest to have a romantic picnic to watch the sunset. The antagonist was then going to be a masked character (similar to “Strangers”) with the  mask being a bear mask linking everything back to teddy bears picnic. Unfortunetly the couple I was going to use as my protagonists split up before I could ask them and I could not find anyone else who was prepared to act as a couple. Using the same concept, but instead of having a teddy bears picnic I will use little red riding hood.