I have made quite a large change to this edit, I have re-arranged the  list of band names and made them smaller, I have also changed the fonts as well as moving the Amos story to the right side of the page. I have also moved the website address to the right and changed the font to black as I think it stood out too much in red, but in black it works better as it is subtle but you can still see it. Also after looking closer at MOJO magazine’s cover I saw that it had a small amount of text talking about if there is no CD to contact the newsagent, I liked this feature so added it to my cover page as well in a small size 8 grey font. This is so that it is readable but not a main feature of the page but is merely small print. I think by adding this it has made my magazine more professional. The font that I have changed my text to is Commerce SF for the larger text and Diamond Heavy SF for the sub text. I have changed to these fonts as I think they are more suitable for my target group as they are quite masculine fonts. I have also tilted the image and made it larger so that it all fits on the page. I have also changed the text of “Inferno’s Top 10 Albums you MUST own!” to “10 Albums you MUST own!” as this is snappier and has a more suitable mode of address.