For the cover I changed the colour of the dot after looking at several covers of Classic Rock and noticed that the circular sticker will often not be part of the colour scheme so that it stands out better. I also changed the font, position and colour of the text so that it stood out more as it is part of the unique selling point. I have also added in more text and names of bands, to decide on the names I went onto a website that generated random words and flicked through until I found some that I liked. For my pretend band I wanted the name to be fire related so I went onto Google translate and tried the word for fire in different languages, I ended up using the Latin “Ignis” for the band name. I then went onto and looked through different fonts for each band name.  All of the names that I have chosen are meant to be quiet masculine as I wanted my magazine to be aimed at males, some of the names I came up with were “Don”, “Lisp”, “Corrupted” and “Barred” . I also quite liked the name “Trailing Gossip” but I thought that it sounded like more of a female band and that it wasn’t Rock’n’Roll but more “Pop”.  The fonts that I chose for the band names are quite square, for the band “Don” I wanted it to have the same feel as Rammsteins’ text so I wanted it to be solid and Germanic, although it is technically Russian it is still very bold and reasonably Germanic.

The contents page now has text on it with titles to help readers pick out the key parts of the magazine. Apart from this I have not made many changes to the contents page or the double page spread.  Although on the double page spread I made the writing white to make it easier to read.