I have now started to add text to the cover page as well as a bar code which I made on dafont.com. The text on the cover is Candara (mainly in size 37 and stretched to 125% ), I used the blue font to contrast with the hair, also the blue works well with the eye. I have decide to stick to the colours red, blue, white and black for general text on the magazine as they and bold and stand out. I also added a coloured circle with some text in it with a drop shadow to make it stand out, the text will have a special offer or the U.S.P. on it as having looked at other magazines I have noticed that they often will have a circle containing a special offer or something that they designer has wanted to draw the attention of the target audience to.

For the contents page I changed the background to black and using a similar technique that I used for my Photoshop fire experiments to manipulate the fire to the shape going behind the arm so that it looks as if I am dancing around the flames. Also by including the flames I am bringing the theme of “Inferno” back into the magazine, something which was previously lost.

The main change that I have made is the double page spread. Using a different picture from my photo shoot I cut it out and stuck it onto a dark background. I also adjusted the colour of the eye and removed the shadow from the nose as the shadow made it look unprofessional and made it obvious that I used flash and that the lighting had something to be desired. After that I added in the flame design so that the theme of flames was continued throughout the magazine. I also changed the basic layout of the double page spread, this is because the hand in the picture on one side was cut out and I couldn’t flip the picture back to front as the AC/DC on the shirt would be backwards so would look silly and make it obvious. I also changed the colour and size of the text, the text is now blue with a drop shadow on it to make it stand out more instead of looking flat and in the same Candara font as the cover.