MOJO Magazine was originally published by Emap but as of 2008 onwards was published by Bauer monthly in the UK and is based in London. Mojo was first made after the success Emap had with Q and wanted to create a magazine that was more focused on Classic Rock.

The first issue was released in October 1993 featuring Bob Dylan and John Lennon on the cover. It was the first UK mainstream magazine to focus on The White Stripes as well as many other older bands.

MOJO often include “free CDs” with their magazines that often relates to their main theme or cover story. The magazine will often feature Top 100’s, some of which include Top 100 protest songs, most miserable songs and the top 100 records that changed the world.

MOJO have also published some special editions magazines dedicated specifically to one band or artist after their complete magazine dedicated to the Beatles.

MOJO’s parent company Bauer also owns Kerrang!, Q, Empire, FHM and MCN. As well as music magazines Bauer also publish Bella, Take a Break and That’s Life! magazines. Bauer also own radio and TV stations such as Kerrang! Kiss, 4music, The Box, Magic TV and Smash Hits TV.

Most of Bauers music magazines are of the Rock Genre, and aren’t Pop or R’n’B focused. For my magazine I have looked at MOJO and Kerrang! as they are predominantly for males aged from late teens to mid 20s for Kerrang! and mid 20s to mid 30s for MOJO. Their magazines are also more niche (especially Kerrang!) than Q which is more wide spread. I have also looked at Classic Rock Magazine as another reference.