This is my first attempt at using Indesign, I am rather happy with this first attempt but plan to add more text onto the sides for the three columns with the cover story being on the left. On indesign I used the font Monotype Corsiva but made the C of Chosen a larger font to make it look more interesting and unique, I also chose to use the orange colour as it is complimentary but stand out from the background green colours, also being the Autumn Edition and orange being a traditional autumn colour it seemed suitable. For my second school magazine I plan on it being the winter edition, (possibly with snow being involved), and using the typical Christmas and winter colours. I also changed the spacing between the letters to make them overlap slightly making them more interesting yet still readable. With my target audience being Sixthformers I thought that by having a font that is both grown up yet playful would be more appealing. I also added a barcode in the bottom right as this is normally where the barcode is situated and the price can be found. To finish off this magazine cover I need to add in the unique selling point, price and make sure that my information is strategically placed for optimal viewing.