The “Classic Rock” magazine that I purchased was situated in the kiosk area of Morrisions as you enter the store next to Kerrang! magazine which is my usual purchase. The magazine was in the third row back on the far right of the middle shelf with the masthead and selling point printed in gold and silver colours on show as well as the text saying “Guest Edited By Alice Cooper”. I new that I would like this magazine due to its situation as most Rock music magazines are stacked together.

 I was attracted to this magazine by the masthead as this was the only part of the magazine I could see the with gold and silver text telling me that there was a free CD. Also the magazine was packaged in a cardboard case which indicates that this is a high class magazine and I could tell before I looked at the price (which was conveniently small) that it would be expensive as it also contained a CD. However once I opened the packaging I discovered that I didn’t know any of the music on the CD as the names of the songs and musicians that were on the CD were not mentioned on the packaging which indicates that the CD was just created from not very well known bands and that it was cheap to manufacture to be used as one of the magazines selling points.

The Magazine is in a standard layout with the masthead at the top of the front cover with the three columns for optimal viewing with the unique selling point at the top let of the magazine. For example the “Free CD Inside” text is in the top left corner with a silver background so that it will catch the audiences eye.

The main target audience is the age group of early 30’s onwards as the inside of the magazine is in the format of a newspaper with the name of the Magazine being “Classic Rock” it immediately tells the audience who this is meant to appeal to. The reason it appeals to the target audience is because of the classic design and the tradition font used, as having a font with serifs indicated tradition which the target market have grown up with so are familiar with it. Also the price of the magazine and the packaging indicated it is designed for people in their 30’s onwards as the magazine costs £4.99 which to a younger person is too expensive for a weekly buy, also the tactile quality of the paper is thick and glossy showing that it is something that people would put onto a coffee table and show off. Also the thick glossy paper does not crumple easily so it easy to keep looking pristine.