This cover of NME features Lily Allen. Using Lily Allen’s pale skin, black hair and red shirt the main colours they have gone with are black, red and white. Although this is like the Classic Rock magazine cover that I have looked at the overall view is very different. NME have also used circles to show important information, although they have added an extra colour (yellow) to draw even more attention to certain points of the magazine.

At the top of the magazine there is text about the Arctic Monkey’s third album and the picture of David Bowie, these are some of the features that NME are using to try to get potential customers to buy their magazine. The magazine layout is the typical three column but the way the text is presented is very different to other magazines, I think this is designed so that younger people will buy the magazine as it is different and rebels against other magazines and straight forward text. Younger people like to rebel, especially teenagers, so this is one of the features that could be used to try attract the attention of teenage customers.