This volume of Classic Rock features Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin in a high contrast black and white picture. This magazine cover gives off a very different feel to Vibe Magazine. Although this cover still uses the three column layout there is more writing and it also has some small circles containing information that the producers of this magazine want you to read, they help to draw attention to key parts of the magazine. The key one of these is the circle at the top left saying “Free CD!”, a free CD is a useful selling point that could make all the difference when someone is making their decision as to which magazine to buy. The top left corner of a magazine is the part of a magazine that is most likely to be seen when stacked on a shelf, so the selling point is usually featured here.

Another major difference to Vibe magazine are the fonts, the fonts used here generally have serifs, this instantly makes the magazine more “traditional” as this is what serifs imply. This is very true considering that Classic Rock magazine’s genre is, as the name implies, classic rock and aimed at older people. Also the price implies the target audience as well, at £4.50 people in their 40s can afford to buy this magazine on a regular basis more than people in their 20s, who generally don’t have as much money.

The colours are also very different, using only black, red and white. This is effective as there is enough contrast between the white and red text against the black background. It also links with the black and white photo.

I like this cover and will probably use this as an influence for my own magazine.